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Your company fragrance should be a perfect fit with your image. That’s why we offer a range of over 2,400 scents. Overwhelming? Not at all: our scent marketeers will assist you in finding your perfect scent. They’d be delighted to tell you about the effects that specific scents have on people.

Please find a short description of our eight scent categories below.

Scent Effect 1

Crisp & Invigorating

Get your blood pumping by creating an energetic and stimulating environment. These fresh aromas are bold and lively, perfect for when you want to get people moving.

Examples of Crisp & Invigorating scents:

  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Lemongrass & Sage
  • Pacific Breeze
  • Fresh Apple
  • Mediterranean Citrus
  • White Tea & Thyme
Scent Effect 2

Timeless & Floral

The memorable aromas of a luscious flower garden can breathe new life into a space. Aromatic and evocative, these scents bring to mind peaceful places, perfect for sitting and staying awhile.

Examples of Timeless & Floral scents:

  • Floral Zen
  • Green Fig
  • Lily of the Valley
  • White Blossom Tea
  • China Rain
  • Rose Garden
Scent Effect 3

Luxurious & Sophisticated

Conjure up images of extravagance, opulence and prosperity with these refined fragrances. These scents make a bold gesture; start a trend and create a lasting impression.

Examples of Luxurious & Sophisticated scents:

  • Patchouli Twist
  • Golden Bamboo
  • Mountaineer
  • Oudh
  • Amalfi Coast
  • Africaine

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Scent Effect 4

Passionate & Sensual

Spark a romance and intensify the ambiance by adding fragrances that are seductive, lavish and irresistible. Target the senses then sit back and watch as heads turn.

Examples of Passionate & Sensual scents:

  • Cherry Blossom
  • Allure
  • Red Currant
  • Sandalwood
  • Kashmir
  • Fruit Seduction
Scent Effect 5

Relaxing & Soothing

Create an environment that allows one to unwind and ease cares away. Calming fragrances help soothe the soul and open minds, often leaving one feeling restored and fulfilled.

Examples of Relaxing & Soothing scents:

  • Bamboo Tea
  • Herbal Fusion
  • Lavender & Ylang
  • Sagebrush
  • Lemongrass & Vanilla Bean
  • Lys d’Eau
Scent Effect 6

Voyage & Escape

Captivate one’s mind by introducing some of the mysterious, exotic and fanciful elements from around the globe. These scents are sure to capture the moment and draw attention to your world.

Examples of Voyage & Escape scents:

  • Seashore
  • Fresh Outdoors
  • Himalaya
  • Quiet Stream
  • Aromatic Rain
  • Pine Forest
Scent Effect 7

Warm & Inviting

Make one feel at home by adding these warming scents and reminisce of familiar, cozy environments. Help invoke feelings of comfort and friendliness and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Examples of & Inviting scents:

  • Apple & Oak
  • Spiced Winter
  • Fine Leather
  • Orange Spice
  • Buddha Temple
  • Mahogany
Scent Effect 8

Savory & Gourmand

These fragrances are tempting and full-bodied, often reminding us of our favorite treats. Create an atmosphere filled with aromas that add a sense of whimsy and nostalgia.

Examples of Savory & Gourmand scents:

  • Popcorn
  • Warm Bread
  • Coffee Mocha
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Basil
  • Hot Apple Pie