Scent products

The ideal additions to your scent experience

People often ask us whether we have that nice smell of that hotel they once visited, but in a jar! That is why we have made a selection of our fragrances available in the form of room sprays, fragrance sticks and scented candles. In this way, you can offer your own corporate or hotel fragrance to your customers. In addition, they are very useful for scent diffusion in smaller spaces, such as hotel rooms or the smallest spaces in your building.


Room sprays

Your company fragrance in a spray! For all cases where setting up a diffuser would be too much work, these handy vials are just what you need. Our room sprays are suitable for all kinds of purposes: spreading scent in small spaces, offering additional sales at events and experiences, and creating a direct reminder at any time. Your customers will be reminded of your business whenever they use your fragrance in the form of a room spray. You’ll always be top-of-mind!


Fragrance sticks

What applies to our room sprays also applies to our fragrance sticks. Moreover, they look elegant. Your customers will be happy to bring the scent of your business home, install the fragrance sticks and explain to their guests where they got that wonderful scent. Win-win.


Scented candles

The familiar scented candles, with a modern twist: our top fragrances are now also available in a classic form. For those of your customers who like a little extra atmosphere in the house. Including the immediate reminder of their experiences with you!

Large-scale odor removal

We are regularly requested to remove the smell in very large spaces. Suppose you have an enormous space where dog shows are often held, but it’s also the location for business exhibitions. And if those happen to be planned just after each other … We use our industrial fragrance systems to clear the whole space of dog smell – within a day! Learn all about odor neutralization below.

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It takes skill to use scent marketing the right way, and we’ve built our expertise through 20 years of hard work in over 100 countries. That’s billions of scent impressions per year. Because of that, we know what works, and we know what our customers like.

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