It's purely scientific

This is why Scent Marketing works

The use of scent improves environments and enhances moods, making your customers feel better. This effect has been repeatedly scientifically proven. These are the reasons why scent marketing is so effective.

An automatic response

1. The sense of smell is directly connected to the brain

The sense of smell is the only sense we cannot turn off. The nose is directly connected to the part of the brain that controls emotions – the limbic system. Scent marketing allows you to connect the scent you use directly to your company. Now that’s effective marketing.

Connect emotions to your brand

2. Scents evoke emotions

Scents evoke emotional responses – completely automatically. These responses are the sums of experiences and memories and are connected to your company. This can be achieved and enhanced by using scent marketing.

Did your customer have the time of his life when he visited you? Your company scent will be connected to his experience – reminding him of that time he spent with you. Think of it as your very own scent logo.

A happy experience

3. Scent marketing – the unknown influencer

A good scent makes any environment better. Your customers don’t even need to notice this for the effect to take place. They’ll feel better, stay longer, and purchase more readily. They’re literally in “yes mode”. It’s not a trick. It merely shows that you appreciate your customer experience and are willing to improve it.

Permanently connected

4. People never forget a scent

Did you know that scents are impossible to forget? Try and remember a great holiday. Probably, you’ll associate a specific scent with it. And do you remember the perfume of your first true love?

That’s the way your customers will remember your company scent. So make sure the experience is pleasant, or unique. Scent marketing will keep you in people’s minds.

“Smell is the most underestimated sense in the world. The influence of smell on people's perception is much greater than most people realize”

Scent Marketing's many applications

Scent marketing is often used for the following goals:

Application #1

Improve your corporate image

Visitors appreciate your business better if it smells great. It literally radiates quality – as is scientifically proven. Therefore, use the power of scent and immediately improve your corporate image. Many international commercial chains use scent marketing to retain a stable, global image.

Application #2

Trigger your customers

Scent marketing triggers people, and smart entrepreneurs use that knowledge to stimulate their customers and other visitors. Calming scents such as vanilla will relax them, and fresh smells like citrus will enliven them. And warm, complex aromas will improve your visitors’ mood and make them stay a bit longer. It’s nice here.

Application #3

Neutralize bad smells

Nasty smells can greatly affect people’s enjoyment of a place. Unfortunately, it’s quite common to experience these in older business premises, or places where many people come together. Using the right scent marketing with our patented Odor Neutralizing technology, we’ll replace the foul smells with pleasant aromas. Your customers will thank you for it.

Odor Neutralization explained

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