This is why scent marketing is so effective

The hospitality business is all about experiences, and Scent Marketing in Hospitality is a perfect fit. Using a scent system, you’ll easily and cost-efficiently improve the atmosphere in your establishments. Your guests will feel better and your company image will get a boost. At the same time you can easily neutralize and eliminate unwanted smells, for example those coming from the grease tank. When you think about it, a wonderful scent experience is actually vital for any hotel, restaurant, or bar.


1. Scent experience upgrades your company

A great scent literally emits quality. This is scientifically proven. Much like a great logo or a beautiful lighting design, exclusive scents in hotels and bars radiate luxury and recognition.


2. Scent experience triggers your guests

Scent experiences can relax people, or wake them up depending on your preference. A warm scent creates a cozy atmosphere in hotel lobbies and restaurants, inviting guests just stay a little longer. A fresh scent will wake them up and activate them, which is perfect for business events or meetings. How about the fresh scent of the ocean in a fish restaurant? It’ll get your guests’ appetite going before they’re even seated!


3. Scents evoke emotions

Scents evoke emotions. A recognizable scent will always remind people of you. Did your guests enjoy themselves at your establishment? A recognizable scent will mentally transport them right back to your place.

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4. Scent experience neutralizes bad smells

Most hospitality entrepreneurs constantly battle bad smells, for example those caused by a grease tank or cigarette smoke. An odor-neutralizing system can replace those smells with a wonderful aroma, killing two birds with one stone. A great, exclusive scent, and no more foul smells.

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