This is why scent marketing in health care is so effective

Scents are a very important part of the patient experience in any health care institution. Using our scent systems, you can easily and cost-effectively enhance the atmosphere in your locations. At the same time, you can also neutralize unwanted smells in your guest rooms. Try it out now. Your patients, visitors and your staff will thank you for it!


1. Scents reduce stress and feelings of fear

In stressful situations, warm and/or fresh scents produce pleasant and calm feelings. This effect has been scientifically proven. Using scent, your patients and guests will be more relaxed and recover faster.


2. Scent technology neutralizes bad smells

Unwanted smells can be easily removed with a scent system using our patented Odor Neutralizer technology. The bad smells are effectively broken down and replaced by a more attractive scent. A truly pleasant environment can be created easily and quickly for patients, guests, and personnel.


3. Scents are connected to memories

Scents bring back memories. A warm, cozy scent transports patients and visitors back to the good old times. Or why not choose a contemporary scent to comfort your guests, such as a fresh floral scent? There’s plenty of choice in our assortment of 2,400 scents. Using a scent system will easily create a better atmosphere for all your locations.

How scent works

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The huge impact of scent experience in practice

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