• industrial scentdiffuser scent system
  • industrial scentdiffuser scent system

Even if you’re in need of an extremely strong scent distribution system, ScentAir has the solution: the Industrial ScentDiffuser®. These powerful machines easily scent the most extraordinary spaces, and even outdoor areas. They can also remove unwanted smells from large rooms in a very short time. The Industrial ScentDiffuser® system is most often used for short-term, large projects such as conventions, fairs, and parties.

Most notable features:

  • Extremely large reach
  • Fast and effective scent distribution
  • Available for short-term use
  • Complete installation and maintenance by our technicians

When is the Industrial ScentDiffuser® best used?

If you’re having a large event for which you’d like to use scent, or if you need unwanted smells removed from a large space quickly, the Industrial ScentDiffuser® is the perfect solution for you.


SpaceVery large spaces and halls
ApplicationsFairs, festivals, conferences
TechnologyDry air
Dimensions40 x 60 x 50 cm