No more scent problems

This is how we neutralize bad smells

There’s only one chance for a first impression. With that in mind, you can’t afford to have any bad smells or foul odors lingering. Using our patented Odor Neutralization technology, we effectively break down bad smells and replace them with attractive scents. Kill two birds with one stone using our Odor Neutralizers!

Common scent issues

Corporate scent issues are very common. Using our Odor Neutralizer technology. We can easily resolve the following smelly issues:

  • Odor nuisance from the grease trap or separator in the hospitality industry
  • Smoke nuisance in smoking areas
  • Alcohol odors (stale beer)
  • Musty smells from damp basements or stairwells
  • Cooking odors
  • Body odors in crowded places
  • Scent issues in conference halls

Bad smells we can neutralize

Our patented Odor Neutralizing technology is able to remove all sorts of bad smells and replace them with a nice scent. We often use our technology to eliminate the following smells:

  • Deep fryers and grills
  • Bathrooms
  • Pets and pet food
  • Sewage
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Body odors
Don't cover up, eliminate

This is how Odor Neutralization works

ScentAir Benelux Odor Neutraliser 4

Step 1 Detect bad smells

The unwanted smells that businesses often encounter generally consist of similar types of molecules, such as sulfur, ammonia, nitrogen, and fatty acids. These molecules are usually larger than others, and have a very specific structure. This makes them relatively easy to identify.

centAir Benelux Odor Neutraliser 5

Step 2 Connect scent

Our uniquely constructed scent oil with patented Odor Neutralizer (ON) technology connects to the unwanted scent molecules and breaks them down into smaller molecules. This effectively breaks down the smell. You may compare it to water (H2O), which is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen. Using the right technology, these two types of molecules can be split. That’s how our Odor Neutralizer technology works.

ScentAir Benelux Odor Neutraliser 6

Step 3 Introduce new scent

The broken molecules of what was once a bad smell, are now completely changed. That means the smell isn’t covered up like many air fresheners and other scent companies do, but is completely eliminated. At the same time, our new and pleasant scent is dispersed throughout the space. Your old smell will be nothing but a memory and you can simply enjoy your new scent experience.

We make a difference

Scent neutralization by the scent experts

It takes skill and a lot of prep work to neutralize unwanted smells. Only the right type of system can solve your scent issues and we’d love to demonstrate the most important differences between the several types of systems below.

Odor Neutralization or Air Purifier?

Our scent systems with active scent neutralization specifically aim to combat unwanted smells and break them down. This removes the very core of the smells. An air purifier filters the air and helps to remove particulate matter and other contamination. But it doesn’t remove smells.

Odor Neutralization or Scent Atomizer?

Our scent systems work using active ventilation. This spreads the scent and neutralization molecules throughout the space. A scent atomizer usually disperses scent without the use of a ventilator fan. This significantly reduces the effect of the scent and keeps the scent from spreading out.

"The musty smell in our restaurant was really bothering us. ScentAir's Odor Neutralizer took care of the problem. No more nasty smells. We even got a great scent to replace it with!"

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