Your company is unique, as is your scent

Scent Marketing solutions for every industry

Every type of industry has its own specific challenges. A health care institution may seek a fresh scent that neutralizes nasty smells in public areas. An international hotel chain may just want a warm, welcoming smell that is only detectable around the reception area. That’s why we have our own specialists who know everything there is to know about your sector.


  • Scent Marketing in the Automotive Industry

    For our clients in the automotive industry, scent marketing has become an increasingly important aspect of customer experience. The arrival of the Internet has caused showrooms to change. Car dealerships are having to make their showrooms warmer, friendlier, more welcoming, and scent marketing plays a major role in this. A unique ScentAir scent is also a great way to represent a car's unique character. More and more car dealers are doing business with ScentAir to shape that experience. Worldwide we facilitate this for Lexus, Audi and Jeep. In the Netherlands you will find our scents being employed by, among others, Subaru and BMW.

    scent marketing in automotive industry
  • Scent Marketing for Casinos

    Scent experience has been used for years in casinos and entertainment centers. Everything in their business is about experience. The right scent creates a nice and relaxing atmosphere. As a result, customers stay longer and return more often. The larger spaces and smoking areas in casinos often present a challenge. With our unique Odor Neutralizer, we provide a neutral air flow in the smoking areas. In addition, our ambient scents create a fun playing environment. For over 20 years, ScentAir has been providing casinos and entertainment centers with their scent experience. Nowadays, we are one of the world's leading manufacturers of scent marketing. World-famous casinos like The Venetian, the City of Dreams, The Wynn and Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas are only a few of our customers. But casinos in the Netherlands and Germany, also use us for their own fragrance brands, such as Merkur Casino, Novomatic, Casino Number One, Hommerson Casino, Gran Casino Tiel and Palace Casino.

    scent marketing in casinos
  • Scent Marketing for Events

    We can also provide the right scent experience for special events. For example, we've done several projects in Amsterdam RAI and provided LEO'S BORREL with their very own scent. Together, we can create a scent experience for any special occasion. Theme parties, fire drills, or military training: realistic scents make any event more eventful.

    scent marketing for events
  • Scent Marketing for Gyms and Fitness

    Using scents in a gym is a very effective way to establish a crisp fresh image. For fitness centers and gyms, it's important to create an active and fresh environment that stimulates people to work out and be active. Lemon or lime based scents are excellent for this purpose. Our Odor Neutralizing technology is also perfect to battle the less pleasant smells that are inevitable when there is a bunch of people working out somewhere. Over the years, ScentAir has gained a lot of experience with several larger gyms. In the Netherlands, too, we help out many fitness centers and gyms such as Anytime Fitness, Squash and Fit Den Bosch, Healthcenter Krimpenerwaard, Healthcenter Zuid and Fitness Bolnes.

    scent marketing in gym and fitness
  • Scent Marketing in Health Care

    Scent experience is currently a hot topic in health care. And rightly so, as scent experience helps to reduce stress and feelings of fear. Hospitals and physicians' practices are often dominated by the specific smells of medicines and equipment. Unconsciously, this very much affects the patients' experience as those smells are often linked to unpleasant feelings of being ill or in danger or feeling frightened. Our Odor Neutralizing technology will remove that feeling and make patients feel more at ease. Studies also show that a nice smell positively affects the perception of (waiting) time and pain. ScentAir facilitates the scent experience for a large number of global organizations, and in the Netherlands, too, increasingly more dentists, physical therapists, physicians, and hospitals ask us to work our magic. Some examples are i-Dental, Fysiopraktijk Leusden, UZ Brussel, GGZ Dijk en Duin, and Solstice Opticiens.

    scent marketing in health care
  • Scent Marketing in Hospitality

    Entrepreneurs are increasingly realizing how important the scent experience is in hospitality. With many people coming together in a small space, bar owners often have to deal with unpleasant smells of stale alcohol in the woodwork or floors, caused by spilled drinks. These smells have become even more noticeable since the introduction of smoking bans. Our scent systems can replace the foul smells with a pleasant scent. You'll notice the atmosphere improve immediately. We've successfully deployed our scent marketing for hospitality in a large number of businesses, such as Bokaal, De Witte Aap, Pasta e Basta, Tapas restaurant Solera, Hutten Catering, and Plaasj Kaffee.

    scent marketing in hospitality
  • Scent Marketing for Hotels

    Scents are an important part of the guest experience in any hotel, and the type of scent is crucial in this process. For any chain of businesses, there is value in creating a common ambience across their branches. That's why hotels often use so-called signature scents: a unique scent brand that is exclusively used for that particular chain of hotels. These unique scents enhance the hotel's perceived quality, and makes guests feel relaxed and at ease. ScentAir is proud to call a number of global hotel chains their clients, such as JW Mariott, Westin, and Holiday Inn. Many local hotels employ us, too, such as Hotel Sint Nicolaas in Amsterdam, the Pulitzer Hotel, Hotel Bilderberg, Van der Valk Theaterhotel and KingKong Hostel.

    scent marketing in hotels
  • Scent Marketing in Real Estate and Office Management

    Scent experiences in real estate are becoming increasingly common. Real estate developers like to create a nice, cozy entrance and scent marketing is perfect for this. A good aroma experience is extremely valuable in creating an inviting atmosphere. For office staff, too, it is very nice to be able to work in an environment that smells great. As an employer, you can really enhance the work environment with the power of scent.

    scent marketing in real estate
  • Scent Marketing in Retail

    The right scent experience is becoming increasingly important in retail. The added value of a deliciously fragrant store cannot be underestimated. Nobody likes a shop that smells of cheap textiles. Importantly, the smell should not dominate the store; it should be subtle and uniformly apparent. Our different scent systems can create the right experience for shops of any size. With our wide assortment of 2,400 fragrances, we'll find a unique scent for every shop. Chains who have already chosen a scent by ScentAir are Zara Home, Floris van Bommel, Karen Millen, Xandres, Expresso, Auping and Karl Lagerfeld.

    scent marketing in retail