Our approach

A structured process for the perfect scent experience

Installing a scent system is precise work. We know that like no other. You will be guided step by step by several of our specialists, but you will only have 1 dedicated contact person.

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1. Scent selection and goals

Our scent marketeer will make a pre-selection based on your wishes and company profile. Together, you choose a scent system and a scent that is just right for you.

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2. Technical evaluation and quotation

Our specialist then determines the best place and installation for the scent system. You will receive an obligation-free quotation.

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3. Installation and test period

Our technicians will install the scent system(s). You can try out the scent experience and together with our scent marketeer you will evaluate the quality.

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4. Aftercare and enjoyment

During the entire process you will have 1 dedicated contact person. Our technicians will regularly come by for maintenance or to change the system settings. All you need to do is enjoy your new scent experience.

"ScentAir's people are highly involved and always consider the situation we're in. We can always call them if we have any questions and they're very committed to our agreements."

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