Case · 10 August 2017

The use of scent in what may be the most distinct hotel in the world

Full scent experience in distinguished hotel

Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam

The Situation

The Pulitzer Hotel is one of the most remarkable hotels in the Netherlands. It consists of 25 joined canal houses that date back all the way to Holland’s Golden Age. Right in Amsterdam’s city center! And that’s only one of the reasons why it’s part of the UNESCO World Heritage program. You have to see it to believe it: a unique combination of intimate, luxurious rooms, quiet indoor gardens, a beautifully decorated lobby bar and a cozy restaurant.

Pulitzer Amsterdam’s question

Guest experience is top priority for Pulitzer Amsterdam, and a good scent can play an important role in it. They came to ScentAir with the following request:

“Could you develop a recognizable scent experience that is on par with the most distinct hotel in the world, and that is a good fit with all the assorted styles in our hotel?”

Our solution

A unique hotel deserves a unique experience, so we picked an exquisite scent for Pulitzer Amsterdam. It is both a good fit with all the various styles in the hotel, and completely unique in the greater area. We’ve first tested the response from guests and personnel by placing a scent system in the lobby for a while. Both groups were very enthusiastic about it, so Pulitzer Amsterdam quickly decided to continue the scent experience (and its cooperation with ScentAir) for a longer period.

We then expertly and invisibly installed the system inside the HVAC: This handy solution allows the scent to be dispersed through the air conditioning.

Classic rooms, classic scent

A hotel consisting of 25 separate canal houses obviously has several entrances. The old apothecary’s entrance is very special, though, and completely built in Classic style. An entrance like that deserves its very own scent. Guests who enter there are now surprised by a welcoming scent of Oudh. We installed the same scent in the classically decorated lobby bar. The warm and classic, nutty scent of Oudh is a perfect fit with the hotel’s image.

The result

The result is simply astounding. Once you enter the beautiful main lobby, the Pulitzer scent welcomes you. It’s like the hotel has added another dimension. The bar and apothecary entrance’s scent also add to the concept.

The collaboration between ScentAir and Pulitzer has led to a beautiful scent experience within a short time. Here is what Alexander van Gastel, the hotel’s General Manager, has to say:

“The scent experience is one of many factors that we attribute to our guests’ experience. ScentAir’s pro-active and stable attitude allows us to focus on our own expertise, which is making our guests feel like they’re coming home.”

-Alexander van Gastel, General Manager Pulitzer Amsterdam