Case · 28 November 2018

Unforgettable cruises with a unique scent, and no cigarette smell

MSC Cruises and ScentAir have developed a unique fragrance with odor neutralizer to ensure their customers a fantastic journey

MSC Cruises is one of those renowned companies that have had to learn to deal with smoking bans and the smell of cigarettes over the recent years. To remove the smell of smoke from public areas where smoking is not prohibited, they had been on the look-out for a good fragrance specialist for quite some time. Their search was over when they got to know ScentAir. Now, visitors no longer have to suffer the smell of smoke in any parts of the ship and all cruises smell wonderful with their own unique scent.


When Luigi Caruso, marketing manager for the casinos on board MSC Cruises, came across our own Sander Schaap at a trade fair, the connection was soon made. Caruso was looking for a way to get the smell of smoke out of the casinos – the casinos are the only areas where smoking is allowed but also often serve as connecting areas between different parts of the ship. Sander is the “boss” at ScentAir Benelux, the largest scent specialist in the low countries. The two soon agreed to set up a pilot project, supplying one ship with ScentAir’s odor neutralizer.


cruises without cigarette smell



At MSC they were immediately enthusiastic. Within a short time, the pilot was extended to service all 15 MSC ships. Any new ships under construction are now automatically provided with their own scent, a scent you won’t find anywhere else. That is because MSC Cruises has chosen to develop a completely unique scent. They did this in collaboration with a large perfume house, even before they came into contact with us. So, the request to our fragrance developers was: create this exact fragrance and add ScentAir’s patented Odor Neutralizer to it. A piece of cake for our smart boys. Soon the scent MSC Fig Tree was born and now, all luxury cruise ships smell great again.


One big, additional advantage for MSC is our global presence. ScentAir is present in more than 100 countries around the world, so there is always a technician nearby to fill, check and service the machines. Even if the settings need to be changed halfway around the world, our vast network of suppliers and maintenance people ensures that it’s always done fast. In short: A cooperation made in heaven!