Case · 10 August 2017

The delicious scent of an extraordinary fast food joint

Haute friture

How Frites Atelier got rid of deep-fry smells and added even more luxury

Frites Atelier

Frites Atelier serves the best deep-fried Dutch food you’ve ever tasted. Top quality, or, as they like to call it, haute friture. Run by decorated chef Sergio Herman, Frites Atelier always strives to offer the best of experiences. Normal spuds won’t cut it here: the potato is the local star. And we haven’t even mentioned the incredible sauces yet. Combine all of that with an extremely lush store appeal and you have the recipe for the most luxurious fast food joint in the Netherlands.


The question

Sergio and his team came to us with a very simple question:

“Can you make the typical smell of deep-fried foods disappear, and replace it with a scent that’s in line with the image of a starred restaurant?”


Choosing a scent

Together with Sergio’s team, we organized a scent session, in which we tried a number of different scents. For a top chef such as Sergio, every tiny part of his concept must be meticulously planned. Needless to say, we went through many, many scents before a decision was made. In the end, Sergio’s own basil sauce made the difference and the choice for the lovely scent of fresh basil was made. Not the first thing you would expect in a fast food place, but it fits astonishingly well.



It was very important to Frites Atelier that the scent systems remained out of sight. We couldn’t agree more: Scents are to be smelled, not to be seen. Especially in a top-tier place such as Frites Atelier. That’s why we have installed our Scent Direct systems directly under the counter. A special nozzle makes sure the scent is spread evenly throughout the shop. Nobody can see or smell where the scent is coming from.


The results

The results are great. It smells lovely, and the scent is spread evenly. And nobody notices the scent system. Customers are very pleasantly surprised to find out that a fast food joint doesn’t necessarily need to smell… well, deep fried. Customers have an experience that is wholly unexpected, but fits with the concept like a glove.


National expansion

Right now, Frites Atelier have branches in Amsterdam, The Hague, and Arnhem. The first two places have been equipped with our scent systems, and we’re currently working on the third one, in Arnhem. Great plans lie ahead: Frites Atelier is aiming for 60 branches in the Netherlands in 5 years. All of them, of course, with that lovely basil scent.