About Us

A Passion for Scent

We like scent. And making other people happy. That’s why we’re so thrilled to be in this business. With locations in 109 countries, we’re one of the major scent marketing companies in the world. The experience shows – our flexibility and focus on your satisfaction are added bonuses.

ScentAir's history

1994: Scent marketing's first steps

In 1994, David Martin was a ride engineer with the Walt Disney company. He had a passion for the rides’ magical impact on visitors and was constantly searching for ways to improve them. He experimented with the use of scent in order to make the experiences more life-like, which turned out to be a great success. He soon quit his job and started his own scent marketing company: Fragrance Technologies. Companies were quickly discovering the impact a scent can make, and by the year 2000 David had provided over 1000 companies with their own scent. One year later, the company’s name was changed into ScentAir and they started to look abroad for international expansion.

2001: International expansion

ScentAir had big plans and international expansion was one of them. By 2010, ScentAir had 10 international branches on 4 continents, 200 employees and 30,000 clients. Major international hotel chains such as the Hilton Hotel Group, Mandalay Bay and The Holiday Inn used their own corporate scent for all their locations, proving the concept worked. Fast forward a few years and ScentAir now has offices in 109 countries and is producing billions of scent impressions per year for over 70,000 global clients.

Private Laboratory

Soon after the start, David decided to develop his own scents. Aided by a team of perfumers and technicians, he quickly developed his own scent library. Every year, his team came up with new scents that fitted the season’s trends. Several scent innovations were created in their very own scent laboratory, such as:

– “War scents” developed for the American Ministry of Defence, used to train Navy Seals;

– Patented Odor Neutralizer technology used to eliminate bad smells in hospitals and smoking rooms.

2014: The start of ScentAir in the Netherlands

In 2014, Sander Schaap founded ScentYourBrand with his two trusted partners Oscar and Boris. ScentYourBrand became ScentAir’s exclusive scent marketing distributor in the Netherlands. During his long career in the entertainment industry, Sander had noticed the positive impact scent could have in company life. Yet, the use of scent was little known at that time, and he was the man to change that.

From day 1, ScentYourBrand’s most important mission has been: To make clients happy with the positive effect of scent marketing.

Again, the concept worked: the company grew quickly and not long after that, ScentYourBrand expanded into Belgium.

2017: Quick growth

In 2017, ScentAir and ScentYourBrand struck a deal and merged. Under the new name of ScentAir Benelux, we created an ambitious growth plan with the aim of delivering scent experiences to a large part of the Dutch and Belgian corporate market.

The team has quickly expanded to 12 people, who all share the same passion for scent experience.

Tailored for you

This is why you choose ScentAir

In one simple sentence? We try harder. No, really. Providing a great service and making clients happy is what’s most important to us. That’s why technology is so vital to us. It helps us guarantee that our scent experiences are executed to perfection.

Reason #1

Your own unique scent

With a collection of over 2,400 scents to choose from, we’ll always find the right scent for you. Nothing is impossible. You are unique, and so should your scent be. All the scents are developed in our own laboratory and every year, we add dozens of new scents.

Everything about our scents
Reason #2

Advice that really helps

You don’t choose a corporate scent lightly – it takes a lot of preparation. Our scent marketeers know everything there is to know about scent. Together, we’ll select the right scent for you and the right system to distribute it.

Check our approach
Reason #3

Full service for your convenience

All of our scent systems are meticulously maintained. That’s the only way to guarantee the best possible quality. We offer our clients all-inclusive lease contracts for the systems, which contain everything you need: scent selection, installation, maintenance, and refills. Of course, changing your scent is always an option.

Reason #4

Guaranteed success

ScentAir has been active in over 100 countries for more than 20 years: plenty of experience. That’s why we always find a solution for any situation. Our international network exclusively allows us to guarantee global coverage for all our international clients.

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Meet the team of experts

Our Benelux office evolved from a band of friends, most of whom have known each other for years. We’re willing to go the extra mile for each other, and our clients have reaped the benefits.

  • Sander Schaap

    General Manager
    Sander is our Chief Executive Scent. He knows all about scents and building a thriving, fast-growing company. If he's not helping our major clients out, you can often find him playing the Dutch sport of 'handbal'.
  • Oscar van Duin

    Key Account Manager
    Oscar is basically Chief of Making Clients Happy. He knows the birthdays of all his clients by heart and besides being an overall nice guy, he's also an excellent chef.
  • Boris van den Berg

    Operations Manager
    Boris runs a tight ship at the office. He's responsible for the day to day running of the business and he’s an expert on football. Ask him anything you want about his favorite team Feyenoord.
  • Martijn Hendrikx

    Marketing Manager
    Chief of Flyers, Coffee Mugs and Stationary. His marketing campaigns introduce scent marketing by ScentAir to the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Michiel Wanders

    Account Manager
    Michiel will tell you all you need to know about the effect of scent on your company, and he specializes in the use of scent in the health care industry.
  • John Broer

    Technical Support
    John facilitates your systems' maintenance. He travels across the Benelux to install refills and make system adjustments when requested.
  • Marcel Schuit

    Field Technician
    Marcel takes care of all the technical installations on location. Now there's a handy chap.
  • Diederick Stellweg

    Field Technician
    Diederick knows everything there is to know about installing our scent systems. He started his career on the water but reverted to land. Every single day, we thank him for it.
  • Private: Diente Jabobs

    Account Manager
    Diente is our account manager in the Zuid Holland area.
  • Marco Friedrichs

    Account Manager
    Marco is our Account Manager in the South Netherlands and Limburg area.