This is how scent affects people

Scent Marketing improves customer experience

The use of scent makes people feel better and take a more active approach to your service or product. Our scent diffusers and our scents are used in the hospitality, retail and health care industries, and in all other places where customer experience is vital. Improve your company’s quality level now and choose your own scent.


Improve your corporate image

Your customers will better appreciate your company if it smells good. It is scientifically proven that a good scent conveys a high-quality image. Use the power of scent and immediately improve your corporate image.

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Trigger customers

Scent can trigger emotions in people: calming scents like vanilla will relax your customers, while fresh citrus will invigorate them. Warm, complex aromas will brighten your customers’ mood and lengthen their stay. Use the possibilities of scent to trigger and activate your visitors.

See how scent marketing triggers emotions

Neutralize bad smells

Unwanted smells have an enormous impact on people’s wellbeing and often linger in restaurants and other places where people come together. Using our Odor Neutralizing technology, we replace the foul smell with wonderful aromas. Your visitors will surely thank you for it.

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Curious to learn what the power of scent can do for your company?

These companies have already been using scent marketing

This is what scent marketing has done for others

Each of our clients is unique, and we come up with unique solutions for all of them. These are the projects of which we’re particularly proud.

  • The right scent totally complements my restaurant experience!

    Ron de Jong

    Owner Restaurant Bokaal

  • ScentAir's proactive approach allows us to focus on our own expertise: to make our guests feel as if they're coming home.

    Alexander van Gastel

    General Manager Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam

  • ScentAir's people are highly involved and always consider the situation we're in. We can always call them if we have any questions and they're very committed to our agreements.

    Rob van der Lans

    HIC Professional GGZ Kijk en Duin

About us

20 years of scent marketing experience.

It takes skill to use scent marketing the right way, and we’ve built our expertise through 20 years of hard work in over 100 countries. That’s billions of scent impressions per year. Because of that, we know what works, and we know what our customers like.

  • Full-service solutions for complete convenience
  • Your own, unique scent created in our private laboratory
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